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"Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill - Book Review

January 7th, 2019 at 05:33 pm

Think and Grow Rich is based on the concept that thought creates physical reality. It outlines a formula to teach yourself to accomplish any mission you choose. The focus is how to become extraordinarily rich, but you can apply the principles to any deep desire you have whether it be to raise your children well, overcome illness (not necessarily fix it, but overcome it), create an organization, become more patient, or have the marriage you want. If your mission is to become very wealthy, it also has many helpful tips on where to look, and how to get organized.

Think and Grow Rich has a lot of mystic elements to it (sending vibrations to the infinite, etc.), and sometimes makes it sound like you can recite a mantra every day and wish yourself to riches. The vast majority of the book is sound and based on studies of over 500 people who were successful in many different ways.

This book falls into the self-help and motivational categories. It leaves you pumped to accomplish something grand.

Where I found it:
It caught my attention on my father-in-law’s bookshelf. I borrowed it for about a year before finally reading it.

My takeaways:
If I want to accomplish something extra special (such as getting rich, or founding something amazing), I need to train my brain to ponder it in all of my spare moments. I don’t have to know almost anything, that’s what teams are for. I do need to overcome fear, organize a team, and be obsessed.
This book also helped me realize that I don’t actually want to become rich. It would be nice, but not worth devoting my mind to it. I would rather accomplish other great things.

This is a great read for people who have large focused goal in life, especially if it is wealth. You have to be able to enjoy or look past the mystic aspects. If you dismiss the book the first time Napoleon tells you thoughts transmutate into their physical reality, you’re not going to make it past the first chapter.


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